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“This is how curses are initiated” – Dr Sonnie Badu condemns recent xenophobic attacks in South Africa

It is very disturbing and alarming the rate at which some South Africans commit heinous acts on other African brothers. Xenophobia, a barbaric and a despicable act of violence has been on the rise in south Africa lately. Not only is the act considered as atrocious but also a shame to African living.

Expressing concern to this inhumane treatment, renowned gospel artiste Dr. Sonnie Badu has expressed his genuine concern of disappointment in the people of south Africa. In a recent post on Instagram, Dr Sonnie Badu reiterated on how shameful xenophobia is and the bad reputation it has rendered Africa. Dr Badu shared on his Instagram timeline emphasizing that, recent attacks and bloodshed will only lead to the suffering of future generations as a result of the killings of innocent souls. He is of the view that, heinous attacks on fellow African brothers is uncalled for and a total disgrace.


Dr Sonnie Badu wrote ” This is what I have been teaching about in our Tuesday services. This is how curses are initiated, everyone dying in pain is leaving the earth cursing who ever cut their life short. Now, this curse will go through the bloodlines of innocent generations, so men and women in the families will die prematurely and the pattern will be evident. You will wonder what is going on not knowing that some 20, 30, 40, 50 years ago your grandfather or grandmother killed an innocent soul … #SOUTHAFRICA do not bring a curse to your nation … trust me, you will pay for this. It’s a spiritual law, my prayers are with the families of the victims …. #xenophobia”


It is indeed sad, realizing this act of violence on fellow African brothers and sisters. Xenophobia has always been an African cancer since 1994 and stems from fear or hatred for foreigners, people from different cultures or strangers. Since 1994, immigrants to south Africa have faced discrimination from countrymen who perceive foreigners and nomads as a threat to their country.
We pray that this act of violence will come to a halt in order for Africa to hold its good reputation of hospitality and loving nature.

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