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[Watch] ”Corona Virus is a Man Made Disease”- Prophet Isaac Opoku Proves in Latest Video

Corona virus has become a global subject of interest since its discovery in Wuhan, China in 2019. The entire world is in total shock and panic due to how infectious the virus is and the rate at which it claims the lives of people. The search for a vaccine to curb this pandemic virus has therefore become a task for health professionals around the world.

Prophet Isaac Opoku founder of ‘’In Him Is Life Church’’ in Accra has made public that, the pandemic virus was orchestrated by the hands of man and not a curse from God as many people believe. The Prophet further revealed that, the world super powers ‘’G7’’ have an influence in the global plague hence, they should find solutions to this global disaster.

He said ‘’ some people believe the world is coming to an end but I want to challenge the authorities especially ‘’G7’’ which consists of America, Germany, Japan, UK etc that it has to do with world super power’’ According to Prophet Isaac Oduro, corona virus was specifically made to test the strength of china as a perceived super power but was out of control. He reiterated ‘’ the disease was sent to china alone to let them come out with a solution but later on trended to other places. The diseases was specifically made for cold weather’’.

Prophet Isaac Opoku has assured the world that, the pandemic virus will end soon with a vaccine emanating from America which will give a confirmation to his revelation. He further said ‘’ Let us open up our minds to know what is happening. I send my condolence to families all over the world who have lost loved ones, and I assure the world that, corona virus will end soon with a vaccine emanating from America.

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