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[Watch] Official Video of Simianemusic Ministering in Twi/Igbo is Out.

Patrons of Joe Mettle’s ”Wind of Revival Tour” in Uk were thrilled by the awesome ministration of French Gospel artiste Simianemusic as she surprised everyone with a native Twi and Igbo ministration. The French gospel artiste has won the hearts of many as various snippet of her ministration went viral.  Some people believe that, Simiane is  a gift from God to African gospel music due to her consistent projection of African music in Africa and beyond. It is amazing and mind blowing how she manages to get her diction on point.

With no doubt, Simiane’s ministration has been tagged one of the finest of Joe Mettle’s ”Wind of Revival” Tour in Uk. After days of request  for the full video of her ministration by the Christian fraternity, Simiane has dropped the Full video of her thrilling ministration

[Click to watch full video]

Brief About Simianemusic


Simiane Brahy popularly known as Simianemusic is a French gospel artiste. Her lyrical ability and passion for music makes her fans yearn to listen to her prowess voice. Growing up in Istres in Southern France, Simiane comes from a Christian home with parents as Pastors.

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Simianemusic  discovered her music talent at age 5 when she saw in a vision walking among Africans and speaking in their native tongue. In her own words, she said “I saw in a vision myself singing on a stage and people were getting healed, I saw myself walking in Africa, talking and working with Africans and I believe God has something unique for the people of Africa. I feel at home when i am in Africa”

She has worked side by side with renowned gospel music giants such as Dr. Tim Godfrey, Joe Mettle, Travis Greene, and host of others. Simianemusic has ministered in Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya and many African countries.

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