[Watch video] Amin Ola leads Reggae mass choir at Greater works conference.

Day 4 of greater works conference at the independence square was a remarkable service as Amin Ola led the ICGC Reggae Mass choir in singing “I Agree” by Jonathan Nelson. Amin Ola thrilled the congregation with his soothing and powerful vocal ability during ministration.

Amin Ola

It is of no doubt that, his ministration was tagged one of the best performances at the conference. Amin Ola, a worship leader at ICGC faith and Miracle temple Teshie camp 2 has show cased his unique musical ability which makes him one of the best music icons in the fraternity of International central gospel.

[click to watch video of Amin Ola’s ministration]



Amin Ola

Michael Fifelola Olayinka was born in Osogbo, Osun State and grew up in Lagos state. The passion for music began at his second year in secondary school in Nigeria when he joined his father’s Church Choir.

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Amin Ola is a sensational gospel artiste with an amazing voice and a unique musical talent. His ministry seeks to make a positive impact in the lives of people with balance truth base content for edifying, correcting our day to day living. Amin Ola is fused with Contemporary, R&B, Jazz and Reggae with an African element of high level of flexibility with an extraordinary performance that can adjust to any genre of music. He released his first song in 2007 called ”Maronumo”, followed by ”Only You” in 2017 and ”Thank You” in 2018….

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